Circus Train

A circus-themed trackless train! Loads of fun for both young and old!

Dragon Fly Swing

A high flying, swinging challenge great for all ages. You compete to see who can swing the highest Teens and adults really love it!

Ferris Wheel

13 feet high with 5 safety cages for 4 passengers each

Great attraction for children 2 to 10 yrs. old

Round and round she goes! Wheel must be within 100 feet of a 110 volt 30 amp power outlet to operate.

Jet Fighters

6 colorful jets that hold 2 children each 2 to 9 yrs. old and fly in a circular pattern for the ultimate jet fighting experience.

Kiddie Fish Ride

Ages 2 to 12 yrs old

4 tub kiddie ride that seats 2 children per tub and rotates at 11 R.P.M.

Another kid pleaser!!! Who said it’s tough to get the kids in the tub!

Kiddie Swings

Great for children 2 to 12 yrs old

An 8 chair swing ride which goes around at an easy 11 R.P.M. Kids will love it!

Merry Go Round

Ages 8 and under

6 Horses that go around at 11 RPM. under a red and white roof. A real cute ride to have at any event and a big thrill.

Space Ball

A training device once used by NASA to capture the feeling of moving around in space. Now available for you to twist and spin your way to new worlds.

Ages 10 through adult up to 250 lbs.

Strawberry Spin

A giant 10’ strawberry that spins and holds 6-8 passengers.

Fun for all ages!

Teen Swing

A 12 chair swing ride that swings you and your family high up off the ground for an exciting ride that you are sure to enjoy.

Ages 8 to adult, under 250 lbs.

Tubs of Fun

Have fun with the whole family on this ride, 6 tubs on sweeps that go around as you are spinning your tub. Be sure to leave your stomach at home!

Wagon Train

A 3 wagon trackless train that look like and old western wagon pulled by a tractor.

Ages 10 and under.